Shun Hei Sin


A Hebrew Love Song


Drop anchor, incessant waves
coming through hurry on now
Steady on
Hold tight, make the most of
each and every glistening berry-burst (say
my fleur-de-lis) Rumble
rose-tint charades
Oh then we, you I
Dear, lay bare


Hush and rock-a-bye the starlight transformations
Love me more than these
Envelope the tinder richness
of slow-whispered truth to the youth’s
Venus, my dwelling
Yawn, the twilight blooms
little more than your unfolding eyes
piercing my heart


My garden is lilac
Let float on the ageless lake
of bud and stem and seed
to taste the honeybee

My garden is prime-rose
Conical, towering make
the bowman shiver and
miss his aim

My garden is quartz
Blind me now, now
unite in gentle awe-dance
everlasting, now




Shun Hei Sin took up writing because it is therapeutic. He loves music and enjoys composing it with words. He currently studies at the University of Oxford.