Crispin Rodrigues


We are changing the rules of engagement –
no more late nights out, at least two dinners
together a week, first one home walks the dog,
last one out switches all the lights off. You insist
we review periodically, adding edited chapters
in our relationship, revising contracts and penciling
in details in the fine print. When we started out the terms
of agreement were simple: to love each other,
and somewhere midstream we needed an update
to purge bad habits. You still sleep with the lights on.
We need to add an addendum to that, but even
the most prudent of politicians can’t keep up
with the politics of our personal constitution.
There won’t be a need for lawyers, just more time.


Crispin Rodrigues
Crispin Rodrigues is the author of a collection of poems called Pantomime (Math Paper Press, 2017). He works as a teacher and is working on his next collection.