Issue Seven: Whether or Not

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue Seven. Take a quick search, and you’ll find plenty of theories as to why seven is a particularly special number. For many communities around the world, it represents the harmony of the Earth, the balance between yin, yang and the five elements. It seems apt then, that between this issue and last we’ve witnessed the declaration of a climate change emergency – and must deal ourselves with what’s at stake.

This issue, we take lead from Lawdenmarc Decamora’s Tunnel #9, and the response to great change and environmental disharmony. In the wake, he writes, ‘we more than trust/the whether or not/ between our toes’.

Issue Seven features the harmonious words of returning Kindling contributor Jenny Danes, as well as new contributors including Clara Burghelea, Jemima Childs and Mukahang Limbu. As always – we feel very lucky to share these special poems.

Alongside, you’ll find an interview with editor and author Topaz Winters and poet Stephanie Dogfoot who dispense some wise words for young poets on self-publishing, ‘finishing your shit’ and overcoming publishing challenges.

We hope you find in this issue a sense of harmony, pause and comfort.

Happy reading!

Theo & Tash

Editors, The Kindling



Austin Ong | Clara Burghelea | Csilla Scharle | Daniel Bennett | Faye Ng | Jemima Childs
Jenny Danes | Lawdenmarc Decamora | Mukahang Limbu
Nol Swaddiwudhipong | Shivani Sekar



Topaz Winters x Stephanie Dogfoot

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