John Tinneny


Notes from the Censor

Cut the entire city of Paris from reel 5B
of Casablanca. They’ll never have it now.

Cut line, “How much I still love you”.
Cut the entire sick relationship.

Regarding reel 6C, the birth scene must
be redacted, must come out (unlike certain deviants).

Leave the miles they lavish on unsanitary salutations
curdling in the bins, like the linen in the laundries.

Leave out Mr. Presley and his abominable gyrations,
leave out the customs of the divorcing foreign classes.

Cut that useless close-up in Rick’s tavern,
where the national anthem is playing,
and a woman is crying for her country.


John Tinneny is originally from Belfast, and is currently studying English Literature and French at University of Glasgow. Under 18 winner for Stephen Spender Prize 2016 for poetry in translation.