Ashley Williams


The windows

The first window sprung from necessity
and was quickly replaced by order.

Sitting in embryonic-darkness man punched a window
and down came the sky and neighbours.

The windows grew lashes to hide their shame
and through exposure, or  dispute,

windows turned black as the night they kept at bay
and their lashes fell from their frames.

The greatest window was worshipped
wherever windows wrought suspicion.

When men kneeled to their gods
they knelt to a window. Then came the window gods.

Forgetting himself, man tried to put his mate in a window,
and she hammered cracks into his windowed eyes.

Where dictators ruled windows were quickly sealed
and burrowed deep under boundary lines.

Letting small windows escape into the back alleys,
the rebels knew where hope echoed windows grew.

Not content with a home full of windows
Man created a window he could carry with him

And this soon became his only light,
neglecting his first and true window.

On clear nights we can see new windows
splitting through the crest of the sky,

The dawn is a window opening in on itself.
When children are born they cross a window.

On occasion I have seen windows emerge
in the arms of others,

once, a window walked under a bridge
and turning, closed a window on its window.




Ashley Williams graduated from Durham University in 2014 and has since lived in France, Switzerland, Malta, and Slovenia. He has previously had work published in the Next Review and Emma Press.