Issue Five: The Astonished Eye

Dear Reader,

For Issue Five, we’re taking lead from Annie Forbes’ Kingfisher and looking – and reading – with astonished eyes. Between this issue and the last, there’s plenty to catch up on and it gives us great pleasure to publish a bumper-crop of truly astonishing voices.

Three shortlisted poets from last year’s Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets take the lead in this issue, with new poems accompanied by prose offerings. In Poets on Pamphlets, Phoebe Stuckes and Alyson Sarah Hallett offer a glance into the astounding processes behind their award-winning pamphlets, while Charlotte Wetton takes us briefly to her bookcase, with an up-close look at her Shelf Life and the books to be found thereupon.

With your permission, the two of us also take the opportunity to bask in the brilliance of our Kindling family with a snippet from a longer interview where we discuss the birth and inner workings of this journal. Five issues is a good point at which to look back, and of course: forwards, to greater things!

As ever, our Kindling poets are out to astonish, getting into the minutiae of relationships, bodies, and human history. Voices both familiar and new settle next to each other and discover meeting points in the details.

Here we are. Issue Five!


Tash & Theo

Editors, The Kindling



Jamie Baxter | Beth Davies | Carrie EtterAnnie Forbes | Alyson Sarah Hallett
Kaleem Hawa | Robert Jackson | Isaiah Lee | Joanne Leow | Bethan Roberts
Crispin Rodrigues | Phoebe Stuckes | Nol Swaddiwudhipong
Natalie Wang | Charlotte Wetton



Charlotte Wetton | Alyson Sarah Hallett & Phoebe Stuckes | The Editors