Phoebe Stuckes – Two poems


Life is full of nightmares that are enormous and dark like whales.
Sometimes it’s like standing at the side of the highway doing nothing,
others it’s like dodging speeding trucks. I get older but I still
get everything wrong. I still trip on my shoes and take pills
I find in the carpet.I think everyone I’ve slept with is precious
and important.  I want to call them all up and hold them
against my chest like a bundle of daffodils. It takes a serious heft
of my self control  to not run through the streets barefoot
every day, or walk into the ocean and let her take me.
This is how I want to die; in a boat, on fire
while Billie Holliday crawls out of a speaker.
I want everyone to be watching.


Sun sign

His mother calls him honey, I want to call her and say
you did your best, your son has many wonderful qualities
and I like him. I like him with the dismal hope of a dog begging
for chocolate. I have read a lot of literature on whether our star signs
are compatible, the consensus is that the connection is magnetic
when mutual, but of course, it never is. I know your ex husband
is a pisces because he said my dad is a pisces, what are pisces’ people like?
I held him and said in my experience they are kind and artistic
but they don’t always do the right thing.



Phoebe Stuckes is a poet from Somerset. She has been a winner of the Foyle Young Poets award four times and is a Barbican Young Poet. She has performed at the Southbank Centre, Wenlock Poetry Festival and the Poetry Cafe, and was the Ledbury Festival young poet in residence in 2015. Her poetry has been published in The Missing Slate, Rising, The Morning Star and Ambit among others. Gin and Tonic is her first pamphlet.